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1935 Series

The Bank of Canada opened officially on March 11, 1935. The notes were issued on a small format of 6 x 2 7/8 inches and consisted of unilingual French and English notes.

The fronts, or "face", of the bills from $1 to $100 note, all feature members of the Royal Family. The $500 bill features Prime Minister Macdonald and the $1000 bill features Prime Minister Laurier. The backs all have different allegorical scenes.

The $25 note was a special issue for the Silver Jubilee of King George V. Although not strictly speaking, a member of the 1935 issue, it is often grouped here.

The $500 note was never produced again. At this time there only 46 of the 25,900 notes still outstanding. They are by far the most valuable note from the Bank of Canada and even a note in pretty beat up condition would sell for upwards of C$6,000. At Extra Fine (EF) you could expect almost $30,000 CDN. If you find one, don't tell me! I can't afford it.



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