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The BoC 1954 Modified $1 note


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The "Modified" $1 bill is black with green tint. It displays an early portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the face side and a view of a western prairie and sky on the back.

(B) denotes bills printed by the British American Bank Note Company.
(C) denotes bills printed by the Canadian Bank Note Company.

Cat. No. Signatures
BC-37a Beattie-Coyne (C)
BC-37aA Beattie-Coyne (C) replacement
BC-37a-i Beattie-Coyne (B)
BC-37b Beattie-Rasminsky (C)
BC-37bA Beattie-Rasminsky (C) replacement
BC-37b-i Beattie-Rasminsky (B)
BC-37bA-i Beattie-Rasminsky (B) replacement
BC-37bA-i (rare prefix) Beattie-Rasminsky (B) replacement A/M
BC-37c Bouey-Rasminsky
BC-37cA Bouey-Rasminsky replacement
BC-37cA (rare prefix) Bouey-Rasminsky replacement V/V
BC-37d Lawson-Bouey
BC-37dA Lawson-Bouey replacement
BC-37dA (rare prefix) Lawson-Bouey replacement C/I

Only about 8000 BC-37bA-i notes with A/M as prefix were printed.


Only about 80 BC-37cA notes with V/V as prefix were printed.


Only about 40 BC-37dA notes with C/I as prefix were printed.



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