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The Bird Series $1000 note


The 1988 $1000 bill is reddish purple, with rose, yellow and olive tints. It displays Queen Elizabeth II, the north side of the Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings and the library in Ottawa on the face side. The Canadian Maple Leaf flag flies above the Peace Tower. The number "1000" appears on the optical device in the top left corner. A landscape with a pretty Pine Grosbeak is on the back.
Official First Day of Issue: May 4, 1992
Official Last Day of Issue: May 11, 2000
Cat. No. Signature
BC-61a Thiessen-Crow
BC-61aA Thiessen-Crow replacement
BC-61b Bonin-Thiessen


The Demise of the $1000 Note:

On February 18th 2000, the Bank of Canada announced that the $1,000 note was to be permanently retired from circulation. The Bank cited increased counterfeiting (yes, there are a few people crazy enough to counterfeit the G-note!) and problems associated with money laundering and other related illegal activities. The presence of a high-denomination note makes the transportation of large sums of money very easy. Drug traffickers in particular have taken considerable interest in our $1,000 note in recent years. The U.S. Treasury stopped issuing notes in denominations over $100 for circulation in 1969 for exactly these reasons.



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