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Bird Series $20 note

Missing Back Plate Numbers explained!



The number "20" appears on the optical device in the top left corner. The 1991 $20 bill is green with pastel colours in a rainbow pattern. It displays Queen Elizabeth II and the Library of Parliament in Ottawa (the only part of the original Parliament Buildings to survive the fire in 1916) on the face side. A Common Loon is on the back.


Official First Day of Issue: June 29, 1993

A variation on the Thiessen-Crow bills can only be determined on bills that contain the letter "I" in the prefix. Some appear without serifs (sans serif) like "I", and others have serifs (roman) and appear like " I".

(B) denotes bills printed by the British American Bank Note Company.
(C) denotes bills printed by the Canadian Bank Note Company.

Cat. No. Signature
BC-58a Thiessen-Crow (C) without serifs
BC-58a-i Thiessen-Crow (C) with serifs
BC-58aA Thiessen-Crow (C) without serifs replacement
BC-58aA-i Thiessen-Crow (C) with serifs replacement
BC-58a-ii Thiessen-Crow (B) without serifs
BC-58aA-ii Thiessen-Crow (B) with serifs
BC-58aA-iii Thiessen-Crow (B) with serifs, prefix AIW
BC-58b Bonin-Thiessen (C)
BC-58b-i Bonin-Thiessen (B)
BC-58bA Bonin-Thiessen (B) replacement
BC-58c Knight-Thiessen
BC-58d Knight-Dodge

Missing Plate Number on the $20 Bird Notes

In early July 1999, a collector in Edmonton discovered a $20 Bird Series note (Prefix ESZ) that was missing the back plate number. In the following months, the following has been determined:

With Back Plate Number: ESZ, EVA,         EVC, EVD, EVE, EVH
     Without Back Plate#: ESZ, EVA, EVB,  EVC,  EVD, EVE, EVH

(note that no EVB prefix has been found with a back plate #)

With Plate Number

Without Plate Number



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