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1986 $2
1986 $5
1989 $10
1991 $20
1988 $50
1988 $100
1988 $1000
All Bird (fronts)
All Bird (backs)


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Birds of Canada Issues

Introduced in March of 1986, these designs feature birds from across Canada. The dominant colour of each denomination remains the same, as do the portraits; however, the portraits were completely re-done and made larger. The backgrounds represent the typical landscape for each species of bird and do not represent specific locations or places.

This issue introduced the bar code into the serial number area. This allows the blind to distinguish notes with the use of a small hand-held device that "speaks" the bill denomination.

Call me a fool, I think this is the prettiest series ever issued by any Government. The only possible contenders are the current issues from the Bank of Switzerland and Bank of Canada (Journey Series).



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