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Printed Error

This rumour has it that the "Printed 2000" and "Issued 2001" are
an error and they should both be 2001.

This indicates the bill was physically Printed in 2000. Given that the launch date was January 17th, 2001 it stands to reason that most, if not all of the FDT notes were printed in 2000. Since, notes that were printed in 2001 have that year. Of course, that means people will start collection 2000/2001, 2001/2001, 2002/2001 notes...

The "Issued" date has, in the past, been an indication of the year the plates were engraved, or the launch date of the note, even though sometimes the notes did not get released for several years later. For example, the 1988 $1000 note had the design engraved in 1988, but was not released until 1992. The Bank of Canada may change this and change the "issue" whenever the signatures change, but it's not necessarily the year the note was physically printed.

A copyright on a banknote. I guess the Bank of Canada hired a lawyer. I assume that this indicates that the design is effective as of the launch date; and hence, is 2001. The Journey $5 note is copyright 2002.



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