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Flag Rumour

On several occasions, (as recently as March, 2002 on "Hollywood Squares") foreign newspapers and media outlets, such as the Washington Post and CNN, have repeated the rumour that the 1986 Bank of Canada $2 note depicts the U.S. flag flying over the "Centre Block" of our National Parliament Buildings. See for yourself. Click on any of these links.

An American flag has never appeared on any Canadian Banknote (and why would it?)

The Bank of Canada has used four different flags on their notes:

Royal Standard
(only flown where the King or Queen of England is residing.)
[British royal standard]
Royal Union Jack
(flown 1801 to 1801)
Royal Union Jack
Union Jack
(flown 1801 to 1965)
Union Jack
Canadian Red Ensign
(commonly flown 1870 to 1965)
Red Ensign
Maple Leaf
(flown since 1965)
Maple Leaf Flag
Queen Elizabeth's personal flag
(used at Commonwealth meetings where the Royal Standard would be inappropriate, since 1960)
The Queen's personal flag
But... we did once put the the wrong locks at Sault Ste. Marie on the Dominion of Canada (predecessor to the Bank of Canada) 1900 $4 note. We put the American side on, not the Canadian side. Oops! It was corrected with a 1902 $4 note. Both notes are quite rare, but that's a whole other area of study.

And on another pet-peeve of mine: people, let's look after our flag! Here's "Canadian Flag Etiquette"


People often ask me why I collect paper money. These scans are at 400%. Look at the detail, the art and the craftsmanship! Is there any wonder why I think they are beautiful?





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