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Braille Error 

This is Braille

Braille Numbers and Symbols

This is the $10 note

It's NOT Braille! It's a "Tactile Feature".

Tactile Feature

The tactile feature is used to designate bank note denomination through a series of symbols formed by raised dots and separated by a smooth surface, in the upper right corner on the face of the notes. Each symbol is composed of two columns of three raised dots. The dots are embossed and back coated to enhance their durability.

The number and position of symbols vary according to the denomination: the $10 has two symbols; the $5 will have one; the $20, three; and the $50, four. The tactile feature on the $100 will be similar in length to the one on the $50 except that the two middle symbols will be absent.

This feature was developed by the Canadian Bank Note Company, in collaboration with the Bank of Canada, the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), and experts from Queen’s University. This highly functional denomination method requires a minimum amount of familiarization without the use of an electronic device or template, addressing the issues of privacy and ease of use which were raised during consultations.



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